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1. The Control of Branching Morphogenesis - arXiv

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2. A Unifying Theory of Branching Morphogenesis - Cell Press

Sep 21, 2017 ... A Unifying Theory of Branching Morphogenesis. Edouard Hannezo,1,2,3,8,9,*
Colinda L.G.J. Scheele,4,8 Mohammad Moad,5 Nicholas Drogo,6 Rakesh Heer,5
. Rosemary V. Sampogna,7 Jacco van Rheenen,4,* and Benjamin D. Simo
Tags:Branching morphogenesis

3. Branching morphogenesis of the lung: new molecular insights into

As lung morphogenesis continues, in addition to lateral branching, dichotomous branching is observed at the tip of each duct. It is the process of dichotomous branching that is responsible for the dramatic expansion of the lung
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4. The Control of Branching Morphogenesis - arXiv

Abstract—Many organs of higher organisms are heavily branched structures and arise by an at first sight similar process of branching morphogenesis.
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5. Patterned cell and matrix dynamics in branching morphogenesis

animals, branching morphogenesis has been studied extensively in Drosophila
melanogaster trachea (Ghabrial et al., 2003; Af- folter and Caussinus, 2008),
mammalian lung (Morrisey and. Hogan, 2010; Warburton et al., 2010; Varner and
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6. Epithelial dynamics of pancreatic branching morphogenesis

distinct, step-wise cellular mechanisms by which pancreatic epithelium shapes
itself to create a functional branching organ. KEY WORDS: Epithelium,
Stratification, Polarity, Branching, Microlumen, Tubulogenesis, Plexus,
Remodeling, Eph, Eph
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7. Cellular and physical mechanisms of branching morphogenesis

ABSTRACT. Branching morphogenesis is the developmental program that builds
the ramified epithelial trees of various organs, including the airways of the lung,
the collecting ducts of the kidney, and the ducts of the mammary and salivary <
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8. developmental biology: branching morphogenesis - Springer Link

BRANCHING MORPHOGENESIS. S.R. Lubkin. Department of Mathematics,.
North Carolina State University, Raleigh. Branching morphogenesis is a
ubiquitous system in the developmental biology of macro- scopic organisms.
Many of the de
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9. Collagen Involvement in Branching Morphogenesis of Embryonic

The possibility that extracellular collagen is involved in branching
morphogenesis of mouse embryo lung and salivary glands has been explored
during in vitro organ culture. Control cultures of both rudiment types contain
Tags:Branching morphogenesis

10. Salivary Gland Branching Morphogenesis - Nature

Salivary Gland Morphogenesis doi: 10.4248/IJOS10042. REVIEWS. Salivary
Gland Branching Morphogenesis — Recent Progress and. Future Opportunities.
Jeff Chi-feng Hsu, Kenneth M. Yamada*. Laboratory of Cell and Developmental
Biology, Na
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11. Regulation of endothelial cell branching morphogenesis by

Regulation of endothelial cell branching morphogenesis by endogenous
chemokine stromal-derived factor-1. Ombretta Salvucci, Lei Yao, Sabrina Villalba
, Agatha Sajewicz, Stefania Pittaluga, and Giovanna Tosato. The chemokine
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12. A Series of Review Articles Genetic Regulation of Branching

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13. A Unifying Theory of Branching Morphogenesis - Cell Press

Sep 21, 2017 ... of mice at 5 weeks of age (approximately the mid-point of branching
morphogenesis of the mammary gland) and used whole gland reconstruction to
both quantify the morphology of the network (Figures 3C and S4J)
Tags:branching morphogenesis definition

14. Stimulatory and inhibitory signaling molecules that - Springer Link

Dec 13, 2008 ... Branching morphogenesis (BM), defined as the growth and branching of epithelial tubules, is fundamental to the formation of the mammalian kidney as well as the lung, pancreas, mammary gland, and salivary glands
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15. The Control of Branching Morphogenesis - arXiv

Early lung branching morphogenesis is stereotyped and the lung tree arises from
the sequential use of three geometrically simple modes of branching: domain
branching, planar and orthogonal bifurcation [1]. Transitions from one mode to Tags:branching morphogenesis definition

16. Branching morphogenesis in the developing kidney - Development

A central question in the study of branching morphogenesis in the kidney is the
degree to which stereotypy characterizes elaboration of the epithelium. Do
epithelial branching events occur at predetermined places and at defined Tags:branching morphogenesis definition

17. MMPs and branching morphogenesis - Development - The

INTRODUCTION. Branching morphogenesis is essential for development of several epithelial organs, including lung, kidney, salivary and mammary glands. Mammary gland morphogenesis and differentiation occur during postnatal development.
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18. Salivary Gland Branching Morphogenesis - Nature

Salivary Gland Morphogenesis Hsu et al. model for the
general process of branching morpho- genesis because of its clearly defined
branching pattern, the relative ease of gland isolation, and the
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19. A Series of Review Articles Genetic Regulation of Branching

Branching morphogenesis, defined as growth and branching of epithelial tubules
during embryogenesis, is a fundamental feature of renal, lung, mammary gland,
submandibular gland, and pancreatic morphogenesis in mammals. Disruption o
Tags:branching morphogenesis definition

20. Salivary gland branching morphogenesis -

required to define specific functions for each EGF re- ceptor isoform and to
investigate the crosstalk between the EGF and FGF growth factor receptor
systems during gland development. Other factors that regulate SMG branching

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